Bring the Boom

It's time to experience the heart-pounding, deep bass provided by an Episode subwoofer. Three distinct models and multiple sizes deliver premium performance you'll love showing off. 


Precision engineering has combined high-performance components with aesthetics to result not only in a great-looking subwoofer, but incredible sound experience. With stunning good looks, BASH amplification, and three woven fiberglass woofers, the Triple subwoofer delivers one amazing performance. 

Sizes - 8" or 10"  
Power - 1200W  
Frequency - 30-200 Hz  
Best for - Music & Movies             


The Evolution Series represents our greatest approach to subwoofer design. Engineering expertise meets pure power in a sealed design that produces highly accurate sound, deep bass and premium performance. Encased in a beautiful, high-gloss cabinet, these compact subwoofers can be hidden away in tight spaces, or proudly displayed.

Sizes - 6", 8", 10", 12"  
Power - 720W  
Frequency - 50-200 Hz  
Best for - Music             


If you want the most bang for your buck, look no further than the Episode Element Ported subwoofer. This sub's aerodynamic port design minimizes port noise and reduces distortion, leaving you solid, thumping lows.

Sizes - 8", 10", 12"  
Power - 720W  
Frequency - 17-200 Hz  
Best for - Movies             


If you want room-shaking bass that's completely out of sight, opt for an in-wall subwoofer. 

Sizes - 8"  
Models - Single &Dual  
Frequency - 50-200Hz